Vasco Traveler Premium 5"

Compact multifunction device

  • voice translation in 50+ languages
  • GPS offline navigation
  • free incoming calls & cheap internet
  • photo translator
  • 20+ extra functions for travellers
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Vasco Traveler Premium 5” is a versatile travel device. Its major advantage is the possibility of holding a conversation in many languages. Moreover, Vasco Traveler allows you to use an off-line GPS navigation, answer calls for free in more than 160 countries and surf the Internet at discounted rates all over the world.

Vasco Translator Premium 5 play

Voice translator

Vasco Traveler Premium 5” is a technologically advanced electronic translator. The devices uses cutting-edge voice recognition system and translation engines. It can understand the context of words and sentences and translate even complex idioms and professional vocabulary (medicine, technology, business). The device recognises your voice and quickly translates it into 50 languages. Vasco Traveler Premium 5” is perfect for your trip abroad as well as work or school.


The voice translator allows you to hold a conversation with a foreigner. The application saves the whole dialogue so you can get back to the previous sentences any time you want.

Photo translator

Thanks to the photo translator you can quickly translate a restaurant menu, a sign, information, leaflet or a warning. Over 40 languages are supported and you don't need to rewrite anything. Just take a photo and understand!

Language Functions

The table below shows the availability of functions for all the languages included in the device.


GPS navigation

The device is equipped with precise GPS navigation that works off-line. Thanks to Vasco Traveler Premium 5”, you can use maps of the world, optimize your route and reach your destination wherever you go.


This is the end of high roaming costs. Thanks to the Vasco’s international SIM card, you can answer calls for free in over 160 countries. Moreover, outgoing calls, SMS and data transfer are even 85% cheaper than standard rates.


The device possesses off-line guidebooks on the world’s countries. You can use it to get practical information on the place you’re going to without the need of the Internet.

Embassies, emergency numbers and SOS function

Vasco Traveler Premium 5” is equipped with databases of embassies and emergency numbers. The device allows you to quickly call your embassy, the police or firefighters all over the world. Just choose the country you’re in to get the data. What’s more, if you’re in trouble, all you need is one click to send a message to your beloved ones with your GPS coordinates. Vasco Traveler has an SOS function just to be on the safe side.

Flight Assistant

The "Flight Assistant" available in the device is a perfect tool for all air travellers. Thanks to this application you will never miss your flight. Just type the number of your flight to get all the necessary data such as the flight schedule, gate number, how much time you have left to your check-in, at what time the gate closes or any possible delays of your plane. The app takes into consideration time shifts so you don't have to think whether it's 12:00 GMT or Pacific time.

Cheap Internet abroad - only 2 cents per MB!

Are you looking for cheap Internet around Europe, the USA or Asia? Check it out! Vasco Traveler Premium with its in-built SIM card allows you to use the cheapest Internet available. 1MB in an Internet data package costs only 2 cents! Surf the net without the risk of high roaming costs! Additionally, thanks to the HotSpot function, you can share it with your other devices with WiFi and enjoy the cheap Internet anywhere in the world!


Vasco Traveler recognises your voice and translates it via a wireless connection to the Internet. The device uses a WiFi or GSM network thanks to the in-built SIM card. Connection to the Internet is automatic and does not require any configuration. The amount of data is minimal and the data package should be sufficient for a number of years. At present, free WiFi access is available in almost all European cities, airports and restaurants. If the device is within reach of a WiFi network, it connects automatically without the need for configuration. Translation and speech recognition done over a WiFi network is unlimited and free of charge. If WiFi is unavailable, the device connects to a GSM network via the in-built SIM card, which doesn’t require any contract. The SIM card is topped up with a data package that allows you to translate about 5,000 sentences, use 40 MB of data or make 30 minutes of outgoing calls. These amounts may vary depending on the country you’re in. You can always check the detailed rates here. Remember that incoming calls are free in over 160 countries!

Top up your SIM card now!

Vasco Traveler is designed to minimise problems that can occur as far as a mobile connection is concerned. The device does not require any configuration. All you have to do is open the box, turn on the device and enjoy easy communication in almost any foreign language.

The map shows the countries where the traveler works.


Additional features:

  • Currency converter
  • Unit converter
  • Camera
  • Internet browser
  • Calculator
  • Clock
  • Calendar
  • To-do list
  • Notepad
  • E-mail, Gmail
  • Facebook
  • Google Play Store

You can download and install any application from Google Play Store. All you need is a Google account to get the access to thousands of applications.


  • Display: 5”, IPS, HD LCD 1280*720 pxls
  • Processor: MT6735P QUAD CORE 1.0GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB
  • ROM: 8 GB
  • Battery: Lithium-ionium rechargeable 2200mAh
  • USB: Micro USB
  • Earphone input: 3.5 mm
  • Size: 144.3 x 71.7 x 8.0 mm
  • Weight: 143 g

The box includes

  • Vasco Traveler Premium 5"
  • USB cable
  • Charger
  • User manual in English


24 months


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