Our Social Impact

PMM Vasco Emergency Team

Rapid-response team that provides assistance within 24 to 48 hours following a disaster or crisis

In March 2022, Vasco and the Polish Medical Mission partnered together to bring immediate aid in response to natural disasters and humanitarian crises worldwide.

  • The team comprises skilled medical professionals
  • The team also operates under the guidance of the World Health Organization's directives
  • The team provided assistance to war refugees from Ukraine and have future missions planned in various parts of the world

Quinnipiac University

We lent Vasco Translator M3 devices to the foreign students of Quinnipiac University

International students encounter many challenges while studying in the USA. These may include the need to adapt to a new language, getting used to a different culture, and making friends in an unfamiliar environment.

  • Thanks to Photo Translator, students could understand educational materials during lectures
  • Thanks to Voice Translator, students could effectively communicate with academic teachers
  • Both students and teachers responded with very positive feedback to our translators

Help for Ukraine

Field ambulances, medical equipment, and Vasco Translator support

We provided our electronic translators free of charge to various hospitals and refugee centres located near the Polish-Ukrainian border.

  • But we didn't want to stop there
  • To facilitate the effective communication with war refugees from Ukraine, we lent nearly 500 Vasco Translators to foundations, non-profit organizations, and schools
  • The PMM Vasco Emergency Team dispatched a field ambulance and medical equipment to the hospital in Drohobycz, Ukraine