Enjoying life with Vasco Translator

Voice Translator

Be Fluent in 76 Languages

Experience a world unconfined by language barriers

Thrilled by the idea of globe-trotting but daunted by language barriers? Imagine engaging effortlessly with locals in their language.

It's possible through our voice language translation device! With the Vasco, you can understand speech instantaneously in 76 languages.

Our voice translation device offers free lifetime connectivity, so say goodbye to expensive roaming data charges. You can rely on accurate verbal translations, whenever and wherever you need it!

  • Seamlessly understand speech in 76 languages
  • Enquire about directions, make bookings, and ask about costs or local accommodation details abroad. All through our voice translator device!
  • Feel like a native speaker wherever you journey
vasco device
vasco device

How does the voice translator function?

You speak into the microphone

Automatic speech recognition transcribes voice to text.

The device performs the translation

Fuelled by 10 translation engines.

Text is converted back into spoken language

Enjoy loud and clear text-to-voice translations.

Effortlessly Communicate with Colleagues Abroad

Our instant voice translator helps you overcome language barriers, no matter where you travel.

Whether you're on a business trip, consulting with clients, or socialising, Vasco translator with voice makes communication effortless.

  • Feel assured in an international work environment
  • Thrive in multilingual settings
  • Discuss specifics with foreign partners confidently
vasco device
vasco device

Say goodbye to misunderstandings

The Vasco speech translator delivers the most precise and comprehensive translations available. Our robust microphone reduces background noise by up to 99%, and the speakers emit sound clearly, even in crowded places.

You can also translate audio with strong loudspeakers (up to 99 dB). This volume can be compared to a shouted conversation, motorcycle or busy street. 

  • Indulge in Fluent, Natural Dialogues
  • Accurate translations reduce the chance of misunderstandings, particularly during emergencies
  • Deliver your message with precision and clarity.

Command 76 languages across nearly 200 countries

The Vasco instant voice translator features a built-in SIM card, providing free lifetime connectivity for translations.

You can converse with friends, colleagues, and business contacts virtually anywhere in the world.

  • Stay connected and communicate across nearly 200 countries
  • No data limits or additional costs
  • A pocket-sized key to understanding the world
vasco device
vasco device

Beyond a Simple Translator

Understand over 90% of the world's population in 76 languages. Engage with colleagues from abroad, tourists, and shop owners globally.

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