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Swift & Intuitive Text Translator

Are you a passionate explorer, an expat, or traveler embarking on a new language journey? Our text translator equips you with the knowledge to understand people around the globe!

Speak into the microphone or type it in via the digital keyboard. You'll receive an instantaneous text-to-speech translation within a blink of an eye.

The Vasco Translator is the most accurate text-to-voice translator on the market, combining the power of 10 different language engines to give you results with up to 96% accuracy.

  • Decipher words and phrases
  • Convenient digital keyboard and voice recognition
  • Potent language-acquisition tool
vasco device
vasco device

Avoid excessive roaming charges abroad

Text translation facilities necessitate data or an Internet connection, and expenses can quickly accumulate when you're overseas.

Vasco devices come fitted with a built-in SIM card that spontaneously links you to accessible networks in nearly 200 countries. At no additional charge, forever.

  • No data subscription necessary
  • Uninterrupted connectivity in nearly 200 countries
  • Text-to-speech translation and quiet mode

Accurate text-to-speech language translator

Our Text Translator has 10 language engines — 9 more than the other translators on the market.

With Vasco, you can have confidence in the precision of translations, ensuring your communication is always clear.

  • 96% translation precision, even for rarer languages
  • 10 engines yielding the best translation results
  • Expand your vocabulary in the process
vasco device
vasco device

Text translation for 90 languages

With Vasco text language translator, you can decode the world, even in places where lesser-known languages are used.

With this portable translator, you have the freedom to explore anywhere, and the confidence to do so. The device guarantees the accuracy up to 96% accuracy.

  • Decipher text in 90 languages
  • Learn accurate pronunciation
  • Uncover new vocabulary and useful expressions

More than a Text Translator

When words escape your mind, the Vasco text-to-voice translator is your ally.

Whether you need to ask for directions, articulate a food allergy, or request hotel services, Vasco helps you communicate effectively, regardless of your location. It’s more than just a text translator:

  • Speech Translator: Comprehend and converse in 76 languages
  • Photo Translator: Decode 108 languages with the integrated camera image translator
  • Phone Call Translator: Understand and speak with your caller
  • Chat Translator: Automatically translated multilingual chats

vasco device

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