Check how easy it is to speak different languages thanks to Vasco Translator


Asking for directions with the voice translation feature

  • Choose the voice translation app.
  • Tap and hold the microphone icon to speak.
  • Release the button to translate your statement to the interlocutor.
  • Press the microphone button so that your interlocutor can provide an answer. Release the button to hear the translation.

Reading a restaurant menu abroad

  • Choose the photo translation app.
  • Take a picture.
  • Get your translation in a blink of an eye. Vasco Translator will recognise the language and display the translation within seconds.

Checking a meaning of a foreign word

  • Choose the text translation app.
  • Input a word or a short phrase you want to translate.
  • Get a translation in the language you chose instantly.

Chatting with people who don't speak your language

  • Choose the MulitTalk app.
  • Join a chat or create a new one, inviting up to 100 members.
  • Say your message aloud, or type it in your native language.
  • Wait for MultiTalk to translate both your messages and the ones you get. Other members can read & hear messages in their own languages.
Vasco Translators


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Free connectivity forever

Various modes

You can use the Internet for translations in nearly 200 countries.

You can use them to translate voice, text on photos, chat messages, etc.

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Up to 108 languages

Easy-to-use translator

Carry a key to understanding anything and anyone

Enjoy intuitive interface and user-friendly design, proven by renowned awards.


Vasco Translator v4

Vasco Translator V4

Sturdy device with an ergonomic screen

Vasco Translator m3

Vasco Translator M3

Pocket-size translator for great comfort

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