Vasco Statement of Conformity

The PSTI Act's goal is to ensure that UK consumer connectable products are more secure against cyber attacks. The UK PSTI product security (Cyber) requirements are mandatory from the 29th April 2024. All applicable Vasco products placed on the UK market after this date will comply with the new Regulation.

You can find the Statement of Conformity for your applicable product using the link below: Vasco Statement of Conformity.

Please note that our devices do not support password setting procedure. Our device, unlike most of the other consumer connectable products (IoT devices), allows you to connect to the network only using our API and intermediary server and only to a limited extent (for the purpose of the translation process). Therefore, our devices are resistant to all types of external cyber attacks.

We update the security of our devices at least once every twelve months. In addition to periodical updates, we also produce ongoing updates that help deal with newly emerging cyber threats.

We would also like to inform you that if you detect any irregularities or suspicions in the field of cybersecurity, please contact us at