Vasco Hong Kong fair

Electronic translators - easy communication all around the world

Vasco electronic translators allow you to easily communicate in 40 languages that are used by some 95% of people. Its undeniable advantage is the ease-of-use and high accuracy of translation.

Our translators will work well during both your business and leisure trips. Vasco Translator will also help you learning foreign languages. You can intuitively learn new words and phrases using the translator. Such learning is very efficient and comparable to working with a native speaker.

Which electronic translator should you choose?

The device should be chosen on the basis of your personal preferences and the aim of its use. The most important factors you should consider are:

  • size - do you prefer a big screen or a small, handy device? It is your choice which is better for you and what makes the use of a translator comfortable.
  • casing - do you work in your office or outdoor? Your translator should suit your work environment.

Thanks to our broad offer of electronic translators you shouldn’t have any problems with choosing the right one. Vasco Translator is available in 4 versions: the 2-inch Vasco Mini, 5 and 7-inch Vasco Translator and 4-inch, resilient Vasco Solid.