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Photo Translator

Understand the World Around You Swiftly

Gain more time & confidence

Efficiently translate with camera, no matter where you travel. The 8-megapixel Sony camera enables you to take a picture and translate the words within the image.

Are you at station, reading signs, or menus while you're out of the country? Our camera translator lets you take a picture and translate by photo all text visible around you.

This is also a great tool when you’re in a hurry. Understand a timetable, signboard, or items on the menu. With blink of an eye, photo translate everything on the go!

  • Prompt photo translator
  • 96% accuracy powered by 10 translation engines
  • Decipher foreign alphabets as you translate image
vasco device
vasco device

Language competence for the international career

Are you anxious about the language barrier in a multilingual setting?

Our photo translate feature aids you to comprehend documents in 108 languages. Just translate via camera any text to see an instant, straightforward translation.

  • Translate from photo to understand various documents
  • Feel confident signing contracts
  • Translate by photo to gain confidence when liaising with foreign clients

Feel safe & at ease during travels

Signs featuring unfamiliar alphabets and characters can be perplexing, but our photo translator has got your back!

Translate via camera and feel at ease anywhere in the world!

  • Understand menus & enjoy delicious local cuisine
  • Visit local exhibitions & museums, and translate image descriptions
  • Explore public spaces like never before, as you can translate with camera all inscriptions
vasco device
vasco device

Translate by photo in 108 Languages

Internet isn't accessible everywhere when you're travelling, and roaming charges can pile up. Especially if you wish to translate picture files necessitating robust connections. But with Vasco, you'll always stay connected!

An integrated SIM card guarantees free connectivity for translations in nearly 200 countries, with no hidden fees. You'll have lifelong access to the photo translate feature, with no restrictions, forever!

  • Lifelong connectivity in nearly 200 countries
  • Have 108 languages in your pocket to translate using camera
  • Obtain swift & accurate photo translator

More than a Photo Translator

With the feature to translate images, you'll instantly feel more assured abroad. Traffic signs, train station data, business and government documents, we've got it all covered.

The capacity to translate by photo enhances your travel experience, making it feel more natural, enjoyable, and worry-free. Particularly in nations with unfamiliar alphabet characters.

  • Translate speech in 76 languages
  • Translate text in 90 languages
  • Learn new vocabulary in 28 languages
  • Translate multilingual conversations for up to 100 members

vasco device

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