Vasco Shop & Office Translator

Speech and sentence translator

  • two-way communication
  • 70+ supported languages
  • speech and full sentences recognition
  • social distancing communication featuren
  • kit contains 2 devices



The Vasco Shop & Office Translator

The Vasco Shop & Office Translator is a game-changing solution for a problem you may not realize you’ve had. Foreign customers often hold back due to the anxiety of explaining in an unfamiliar language.

In the 2020s and beyond, providing exceptional service is critical to differentiate your business offerings. If you work with international buyers, removing language barriers is a new possibility that takes business services to the next level.

Expand your service and sales opportunities

The Shop & Office Translator gives you two-way communication in 70+ languages. The kit consists of two electronic translator devices, mounted on sturdy desktop stands, each with large 7” screens. It provides instant speech and writing translation, with full-sentence recognition.

Use the Shop & Office Translator to close new business you could never reach before. You will also find more opportunities to up-sell for higher profitability. You provide better solutions, your foreign customers are more satisfied and order more of your offerings.

Your foreign patrons and clients will love that they can express their interest more clearly, ask questions more intelligently, and make buying decisions more confidently. The satisfaction of this underserved market segment could be your best advertisement.

A translation solution that allows for Social Distancing

Since the emergence of the Global Pandemic, all face-to-face customer contact has become problematic. The configuration sets up friendly engagements while it preserves social distancing.

The device is easy to use – As with all Vasco products, the intuitive user interface, gets the conversation off to a fast start, no instructions needed, and at a safe distance apart. It puts the customer’s attention on the conversation. It means you can get to the solution faster, without any language-related difficulties or delays.

Vasco Shop & Office Translator

The best business language translator option – some examples

Shop – Place the Vasco Shop & Office Translator at your check out with one panel for your staff and the other facing customers. The casual and inclusive process of connecting sets foreign visitors at ease. They purchase more, and they’re happy to spread the word about your excellent service.

Hotel Concierge Services - Two-way communication with the Shop & Office Translator means all your guests have a personalized and unforgettable experience.

Logistics center front desk – Approaching the front desk of a busy logistics center in a foreign land can be intimidating. Your international customers will appreciate the service. Intercontinental drivers will understand your paperwork better.

Architect Partnership Office - Place the Shop & Office Translator where you meet clients to win business with a more global clientele. Connecting with foreign clients will help you design buildings and build an international reputation.

Luxury goods shop - Deliver the experience that wealthy overseas customers expect. They will sing the praises of your fantastic service to their equally wealthy friends.



  • Display: 7”, IPS, 1024 x 600 pxls
  • Processor: MT8321 Quad Core 4x 1.3 GHz
  • RAM: 1 GB, DDR3
  • ROM: 8 GB
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Battery: lithium-ionium BP-6T (2800mAh)
  • USB slot: Micro USB
  • Earphone slot: 3.5 mm (approx. 1⁄8 inch)
  • Device dimensions excluding casing: 189 mm x 109 mm x 11 mm
  • Total height on stand: 330 mm
  • Weight excluding casing: 279 g
  • Weight including casing: 648g
  • Weight including casing and stand: 1,5 kg
  • Supports DUAL SIM cards (Shop & Office Translator set does not include a SIM card)
  • Supports SD and Micro SD cards
  • Front Camera: 2 Mpx/ Rear camera: 5 Mpx


  • 2x Vasco Shop and Office Translator 7"
  • 2x charger
  • 2x usb cable
  • 1x user manual
  • 2x housing

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