Looking for regular or temporary jobs abroad? Don’t worry about language barriers.

You do your job, we’ll take care of translation

Working cross-border can be challenging, especially when you’re doing a driving job abroad and visit several countries a week. Not speaking the target language might also be a disadvantage if you’re looking for care jobs abroad.

Enjoy free Internet for your translations

Don’t worry about any additional costs. Vasco Translator has a built-in SIM card that has lifetime, free Internet access. Speak everywhere you work, because Vasco Translator works in almost 200 countries!

Regular or seasonal work abroad? Meet Vasco Translator!

In Vasco, we understand that communication is key to doing a better job. That’s why we present you the pocket translator, that helps you to understand anything on the go. From warehouses, through care homes to vineyards, it’s perfect for seasonal jobs abroad, but not only!

Vasco Translator: perfect for all seasonal jobs abroad

  • Understand 70+ languages
  • Enjoy free lifetime Internet access in almost 200 countries
  • Use Voice & Photo Translator
  • Speak freely with fast 0,5s voice translation
  • Get precise translations with 10 language engines
  • Rely on powerful speakers & noise reduction microphone

How Vasco Translator can help:

Speak freely on job interviews

Just push a button, and translate voice in 70+ languages. The result comes in 0.5s, so you can talk naturally. Having a screening interview in the noisy environment? No worries, because Vasco offers powerful speakers with noise reduction.

Understand job offers, contracts, & signs

Get along with your surroundings better with Photo Translator. Just take a picture and get the translation in the blink of an eye. Understand documents, menus, timetables, and more!

Translate phone calls on the go

Having a first job interview call? Talking with warehouse workers? With TranslaCall, you can finally understand everything during mobile calls. Get all necessary information and impress your interviewers!

Chat with your foreign coworkers

Join the multilingual chat, where you can invite up to 100 people. Understand all voice & text messages translated on the go. Chat freely and enjoy the natural conversation with your colleagues.

Whether you’re looking for holiday jobs abroad, or you’re already working cross-border, you don’t have to worry about being misunderstood.

Check Vasco Translator’s languages:

Voice translation Pronunciation Photo Translator
English (United States) check play_arrow check
English (United Kingdom) check play_arrow check
German check play_arrow check
French (France) check play_arrow check
Spanish (Spain) check play_arrow check
Polish check play_arrow check
Russian check play_arrow check
Italian check play_arrow check
Chinese (Mandarin) check play_arrow check
Japanese check play_arrow check
Afrikaans check check
Albanian check check
Amharic check check
Arabic check check
Armenian check check
Azerbaijani check check
Basque check check
Bengali check play_arrow check
Bulgarian check check
Burmese check check
Catalan check check
Chinese (Cantonese) check play_arrow
Croatian check check
Czech check play_arrow check
Danish check play_arrow check
Dutch check play_arrow check
Estonian check play_arrow check
Filipino check play_arrow check
Finnish check play_arrow check
French (Canada) check play_arrow check
Galician check check
Georgian check check
Greek check play_arrow check
Gujarati check play_arrow check
Hebrew check check
Hindi check play_arrow check
Hungarian check play_arrow check
Icelandic check check
Indonesian check play_arrow check
Javanese check play_arrow check
Kannada check play_arrow check
Khmer check play_arrow check
Korean check play_arrow check
Laotian check check
Latvian check check
Lithuanian check check
Macedonian check check
Malay check check
Malayalam check check
Marathi check play_arrow check
Mongolian check check
Nepali check play_arrow check
Norwegian (Bokmål) check play_arrow check
Persian check check
Portuguese (Brazil) check play_arrow check
Portuguese (Portugal) check play_arrow check
Punjabi check check
Romanian check play_arrow check
Serbian check check
Sinhalese check play_arrow check
Slovak check play_arrow check
Slovenian check check
Spanish (America) check play_arrow check
Sundanese check play_arrow check
Swahili check check
Swedish check play_arrow check
Tamil check play_arrow check
Telugu check play_arrow check
Thai check play_arrow check
Turkish check play_arrow check
Ukrainian check play_arrow check
Urdu check play_arrow check
Uzbek check check
Vietnamese check play_arrow check
Zulu check check

Understand everything at seasonal jobs abroad

How often do you feel that you can’t properly communicate with people abroad? No doubt, it’s a real concern if you’re looking for a regular or holiday job abroad.

That’s why Vasco Translator M3 is so useful. With just one push of a button, you can speak like a local!

Driving jobs abroad

Understand everything during roadside inspections and goods unloading, communicate freely when asking for directions.

Care jobs abroad

Make sure you offer the best nurturing to your mentees by understanding everything they say, in German, English and more.

Seasonal jobs abroad

Speak freely with all your coworkers and get along in the local vineyards & villages.

How Vasco Translator is helping the others:


Bought this device to use for international business. Overall it works very well for interviews and phone conversations. Group sessions only work for one language at a time and if people take turns speaking into the device, but it still does the job and is effective enough for my business needs. Compared to other similar devices I have tried, I highly recommend a Vasco translator for both business and leisure travel.


Bought it for my wife as she does not speak English. She has just started a new job where she is interacting with Portuguese and Spanish people. You should see the confidence she has knowing that she can switch easily between languages she does not even speak.


I often travel to China for business purposes. The photo translator function is amazing! The Chinese alphabet is really difficult... Finally I understand what they write on signs, in menus or documents. Thanks to voice translation I can also talk with Chinese suppliers which saves a lot of misunderstandings.

Choose your style:

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Rose Vasco Translator M3
Black Vasco Translator M3
Blue Vasco Translator M3
Olive green Vasco Translator M3

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