Vasco Traveler Premium 5

Vasco Traveler Premium 5" + Scanner

Speech Translator, GPS, Phone, Guidebook + Scanner

  • voice translation
  • handheld scanner
  • GPS navigation
  • free incoming calls

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You save: £83

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Vasco Traveler Premium 5" is a multi-purpose mobile device for travelling. It combines the features of an advanced voicetranslator, accurate GPS navigation, a phone twith free incoming calls around the world and many other features helpful in travel.

Moreover, Vasco Traveler Premium 5" is equipped with a handheld scanner, which facilitates the entry of text for translation. The scanner allows you to quickly translate any printed text in a foreign language, i.e. articles in local newspapers, restaurant menus, documents, letters and even books.

A detailed description of Vasco Traveler Premium 5" can be found on the product sub-page. Scanner specifications and a list of languages that are supported can be found here.

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