Vasco Translator Solid 4"

Tough voice translator

  • voice translation in 50+ languages
  • 96% translation accuracy
  • water & shock proof
  • perfect pronunciation
  • photo translator
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The Vasco Translator Solid 4" is a dust-, water- and shockproof voice and text translator. Thanks to its protective casing, you can use it almost anywhere. Perfect for adventure travel, as you never know when you’ll next be rolling around in the mud!

With a 96% translation accuracy and an ability to pick up on business, medical and technical terminology, as well as idioms, the Vasco Translator Solid 4” is one of the best translators on the market. Thanks to its accuracy and speed, it’s used by emergency professionals, the armed forces and a number of governmental institutions across Europe.

With an intuitive interface, it’s easy to use the Vasco Translator Solid 4” — and there’s no need to install software, or even buy a SIM-card (it’s included). All you do is charge and go!

How does it work?

All you need to do is speak or type, a word, or sentence, and the Vasco Translator Solid 4” will translate it into your chosen language. You can also snap a photo to quickly translate a menu, road sign, email, or newspaper article — Vasco scans the text on the photo and translates it.

In short, whether you’re trying to translate a text you’re typing to someone, a conversation you’re having, or a menu you’re reading, you can do so within seconds!

Solid play

It’s Very Easy to Use

While the Vasco Translator Solid 4” comes with an instruction manual, chances are you won’t need to use it. It was designed to be so easy to use you’ll intuitively know how to operate it as soon as you switch it on. Just click the menu button and choose what you want to do and off you go!

3G range in over 160 countries, no contract required
Loudspeaker: 84 dB audible in any environment
Native speaker-like pronunciation
Powerful battery, up to 160h
6 translation engines
4” touchscreen
Solid casing
Precise microphone, noise reduction

Conversation Mode

To make conversations easier, there’s a special conversation mode. After clicking on the language you want something translated into, you simply click and hold the flag of the language you’re speaking and start speaking. What you say will appear on the screen in your own language, as well as the target language. Press the speaker if you want to hear the translation read out loud.

The person you’re speaking with then does the same and you switch back and forth. It couldn’t be any easier to hold a conversation between two people who don’t speak each other’s language!

At the end of the conversation, you can scroll up to reread the entire interaction. It’s not only a great way of helping you translate, it’s a great way of helping you learn a new language!

Photo Translator: translate menus, signs, newspapers

The photo translator scans any text on an image you take with the built-in camera and then translates it to your chosen language. No more need to panic over a menu in a foreign language, or get frustrated because you don’t understand the headlines in the newspaper stand! Simply snap an image and translate away!

Photo translator


When we add a new language, or update the software in any way, you receive free updates. You simply click “update” when prompted, as you would when updating the software on your mobile phone.

Free update ... updates


Have a look at the table below to see what languages are currently recognized by the Vasco Translator Solid 4”. New languages are constantly being added, so the list keeps growing!



Translator 4 dimensions
Display Touch-screen 4", IPS multitouch 800x480 pxls
Processor Quad Core 1.3 GHz
Camera Front 2 Mpx, rear: 5 Mpx
Battery Rechargeable lithium-ionium, 3000 mAh
Waterproofness IP-68
Dimensions 135 x 75 x 20 mm
Weight 230 g
User manual [manual]


The reason the Vasco Translator Solid 4” has a 96% accuracy rate, is due to the fact that it works with six different online translation engines. These engines connect to the server located in Germany which assures high-speed and data- secure translations.

Because of the need for the Internet, the Vasco Translator Solid 4” comes with a built-in SIM card that works in 150 different countries. When you buy the device, it comes topped up with a data package that allows you to translate about 5,000 sentences. From then on, it’s easy to top up on our website.

We created a built-in SIM to avoid you having to buy a new one in every country you visit, or pay outrageous data charges. Most other electronic translators don’t offer this.

If you have access to free wifi in your hotel, at the airport, or in a café, then you simply log in to that. It’s the same as using your phone.

The map below shows the countries where the Vasco Translator Solid 4” works.


Additional functions

  • Unit converter
  • Currency converter
  • Camera
  • Calculator


  • Vasco Translator Premium 4”
  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • User manual in English

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Ben C , 2020-03-11

Took it with me to Japan, it was really helpful.

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